Foundation Repair with IntelliJacks in Spindale, NC

Foundation Repair with IntelliJacks in Spindale, NC. A Crawl Spaces Case Study from Dry Pro Foundation and Crawl Space Specialists



William in Spindale, NC called Dry Pro to repair the sagging floors in his 1982 home. He was also interested in having insulation installed in the crawlspace. Our System Design Specialist visited William’s home, inspected the property and walked him through Dry Pro’s repair process. During the Design Specialist’s inspection, he saw several areas in the crawlspace that needed additional support, as well as some joist that needed to be sistered. 


Dry Pro Foreman James and his crew installed 8 total IntelliJacks™ in the Crawlspace. They installed two under the staircase along the center of the home. They also installed a W4 steal beam along the center of the home, since that area needed the most support. Two IntelliJacks™ were installed under the right side bedrooms of the home. The remaining four IntelliJacks™ split long spans of space under the home and were placed near unsupported girder connections. The crew sistered 10 floor joist, replaced a rim and installed insulation in the crawlspace. 

During our Quality Assurance call, William said that he was very pleased with the work the crew did and the repair made a huge difference in his home. He also appreciated how well the crew cleaned up after the job. 

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