Flooded Crawl Space in Clover, SC

Flooded Crawl Space in Clover, SC. A Crawl Spaces Case Study from Dry Pro Foundation and Crawl Space Specialists



Eddie owns a home in Clover, SC and noticed that his insulation was damaged and needed to be replaced. In need of a local contractor, Eddie began searching for professional help! 


Eddie’s search became a success once he discovered a promising commercial about Dry Pro’s services! He contacted our Call Center and was scheduled a free inspection with one of our design specialists. Our team expert inspected Eddie’s crawlspace and confirmed extreme flooding and moisture issue! Dry Pro was happy to outline a support solution for the given problem and scheduled Eddie an installation date with our waterproofing experts. 

Aaron, Drew, William, and Jason arrived at the home and completed a mold remediation and dried out the crawlspace. To help resolve the water intrusion, our experts installed three wall breeches, a Pipe and Filter drain system, SafeDri™ Pump, and an Exitline with a YardWall™ Outlet. Next, the crawlspace was fully encapsulated with a CrawlSeal™ liner and all vents were sealed. 

Once the job was complete, Eddie’s crawlspace was 100% waterproofed! He was extremely thrilled with the final results and couldn’t be any happier that he chose Dry Pro! 

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