CrawlSeal™ Installed in New London, NC

Starter System Installed in New London, NC. A Crawl Spaces Case Study from Dry Pro Foundation and Crawl Space Specialists



Michael owns a home in New London, North Carolina. One day he noticed that his crawl space had begun to accumulate more moisture. He contacted Dry Pro and was scheduled a free consultation with our design specialist, JJ. Once JJ arrived at the home, he examined the property’s crawl space and confirmed that there was certainly high moisture. Luckily, JJ outlined a plan that would resolve Michael’s home issues!


Adan, Chinno, and Chandler arrived at the home and immediately cleaned out the crawl space, sealed all the vents and successfully installed a 10-mil CrawlSeal™ Vapor Barrier that would protect the space from moisture, mold, and rot. Lastly, the crew installed a Dry Pro dehumidifier to regulate the air and maintain low humid levels.

Once the project was finished, Michael was thrilled with the final results. Thanks to Dry Pro, he was more confident with the idea of the condition of his crawl space being up to par.

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