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Crawl Space Suffers From Moisture and Mold in Charlotte, NC

Crawl Space Suffers From Moisture and Mold in Charlotte, NC. A Crawl Spaces Case Study from Dry Pro Foundation and Crawl Space Specialists



Guy, a homeowner in Charlotte, North Carolina, owns a property that was built in the 40’s. He noticed that the home was beginning to develop cracks in the plaster around the windows and doors in several rooms. Guy was very concerned that the foundation of the home may be having issues due to construction work that took place next to it. To avoid further damage, Guy decided to search for contractors that would resolve this issue. He browsed the internet and found Dry Pro. Our Call Center scheduled a Design Specialist to visit the property and find a solution to Guy’s concerns. 

Kurtis, our Design Specialist, arrived at the home and agreed that the building was suffering from a foundation settlement. Not only did Kurtis confirm Guy’s detection but he also discovered a mold infestation within the floor joists of the crawlspace. It also contained several inches of water, causing severe water damage, sagging insulation and moisture in the air. Once Kurtis informed Guy, he ensured him that Dry Pro would be able to save his home. Filled with gratitude, Guy trusted Dry Pro to get the job done and agreed to move along in our reparation process. 


Our structural crew repaired existing piers underneath the home and then installed our stabilization products to help support the home’s flooring system and restore the home’s structure back to its original position. Then, our crawlspace experts removed all contaminated insulation, performed a full mold remediation and installed a 20mil Wall Seal™ Wall Liner to the interior walls. Dry Pro repaired Guy’s old Sump Pump and installed a drainage system to help redirect the flow of water. Lastly, a Dehumidifier was placed to maintain dry air throughout the crawlspace. 

Once the project was complete, Guy was thrilled with his home and grateful he found Dry Pro. 

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