Crawl Space Repairs in Gastonia, NC

Crawl Space Repairs in Gastonia, NC. A Crawl Spaces Case Study from Dry Pro Foundation and Crawl Space Specialists



Alex in Gastonia, NC contacted Dry Pro mostly concerned about moisture in the guest house at the back of his property. He said the garage next to the guest house has a drain system and fears that it is draining underneath the guesthouse. He also wanted Dry Pro to take a look at the crawlspace and basement in his main house while they were on the property.  

Walter with Dry Pro went out to inspect his property. Water found that there were some structural repairs made in the guest house crawlspace that was not done correctly.  After inspecting the guest house and the main house, Walter sat down with Alex and talked with him about all of the repairs that needed to be made. 


Once Alex agreed to use Dry Pro for the repairs, our crew came in and began the installation. Foreman Eddie and his Wood Crew removed and replaced 19 2×8 bands in the crawlspace. They also replaced some girders and sistering of joists. Once the structural repairs were finished, Raul, Darwin, and Royce from our waterproofing crew began their repairs in the guesthouse and main house. They installed 20mil CrawlSeal™ Encapsulation, a DruyPro Deuhumidifier, SafeDri™ Pump with PVC Exit Line, French Drains and YardWell™ Outlet in the guest house crawlspace. After they encapsulated the crawlspace in the main house and sealed all the vents so that Alex could use the crawlspace for extra storage. They also replaced the old sump pump in the basement with one of our SafeDri™ Pumps.  

 Alex was very happy with how all of the work turned out. He was also very impressed with our crews and how professional they were. 

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