Crawl Space Repair in New London, NC

Crawl Space Repair in New London, NC. A Crawl Spaces Case Study from Dry Pro Foundation and Crawl Space Specialists



Kevin, a homeowner in New London, NC, decided to check on his crawlspace before the humidity grew worse during the summer months. When he went under his home to inspect the crawlspace, not only did he find his insulation sagging, but also mild mold growth on his floor joists. He realized that he needed a crawlspace contractor to fix these issues, so he researched contractors online and came across our website. After scheduling a free inspection online, our Design Specialist, Rich, went out to examine his crawlspace where he confirmed that Kevin had a moisture issue which was apparent due to the sagging insulation and mold growth.


First, our crawlspace repair experts removed the sagging insulation from between the floor joists. Then, they remediated all of the mold that had grown on the floor joists in the crawlspace. Once the mold remediation was complete, they began to install our waterproofing products. These products included a liner and wall insulation system, which would prevent moist air from entering and regulate the temperature in the crawlspace. In addition to the liner and wall system, our experts installed a dehumidifier to also help keep the air dry in the crawlspace.

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: Dry Pro Foundation and Crawlspace Specialists

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