Crawl Space Repair in Marion, NC

Crawl Space Repair in Marion, NC. A Crawl Spaces Case Study from Dry Pro Foundation and Crawl Space Specialists



Tammy, a potential home buyer in Marion, NC, wanted to purchase a home, but noticed that the home’s crawlspace was in bad shape with sagging insulation, rotted floor joists and a high moisture level. This could lead to serious problems for the family’s health and the home’s structure. The condition of the crawlspace deterred her from purchasing the home, which she loved besides the crawlspace issue. 


After discussing the possibility of fixing the crawlspace with the current homeowners, she went ahead and found Dry Pro in the Yellow Pages. Tammy then had the owners call to schedule an appointment with a crawlspace expert. When the expert came out to inspect the crawlspace, he recommended that the owners waterproof the entire crawlspace with a liner system, dehumidifier and sump pump in order to prevent any type of moisture from entering the crawlspace in the future. That way, Tammy and her family would not have to worry about the well being of the home once they are settled in. 

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