Crawl Space Moisture in Connelly Springs, NC

Crawl Space Moisture in Connelly Springs, NC. A Crawl Spaces Case Study from Dry Pro Foundation and Crawl Space Specialists



Tracy, homeowner of Connelly Springs, NC, contacted Dry Pro after noticing a foul odor in her home. Justin with Dry Pro visited the home to inspect the problem and informed Tracy that her crawl space was experiencing extremely high humidity levels and mold infestation. 


Justin ensured Tracy that our waterproofing solutions would save her, and he scheduled her for an installation date with our crawl space experts! Seth, Sean, and Emely went out to the property and started the job by removing all rotted insulation. Then, they completed a mold remediation process to stop further mold growth. Next, our team installed a SumpPump and exit-line pipe system to help re-direct the flow of any entered water. Lastly, they laid down a drainage matting, installed a 20mil vapor barrier, and dehumidifier to protect the crawl space and regulate the air. Once the job was completed, Tracy was happy with her new crawl space. She could now be at peace knowing that her home was permanently protected and odor free! 

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