Crawl Space and Basement Encapsulation in Gastonia, NC

Crawl Space and Basement Encapsulation in Gastonia, NC. A Crawl Spaces Case Study from Dry Pro Foundation and Crawl Space Specialists



Elisabeth, homeowner in Gastonia, North Carolina, became frustrated with the flooding under her home. Due to on-going heavy rain, Elisabeth experienced frequent flood incidents in her crawlspace. As the crawlspace would fill with water, eventually the water traveled to the lowest point of the house and would flood the basement. This cycle had destroyed the environment of her home as she also acknowledged high humidity levels and a mold problem. Elisabeth had no choice but to research contractors in North Carolina near Gastonia.


Elisabeth discovered Dry Pro’s free homeowner’s inspection and requested an appointment with one of our Design Specialists. David with Dry Pro went out to the property and walked Elisabeth through our home inspection as he discussed stapled products that would save her home. 

Our team experts performed a complete mold wipe down and fully encapsulated the crawlspace and basement with our CrawlSeal™ system to protect the space from water intrusion. Then, our team installed a Pipe & Filter drainage system along with a SafeDri™ Sump Pump and Exit Line. This drainage system is designed to redirect the flow of water, and in Elisabeth’s case, would prevent further flooding. Lastly, Dry Pro placed a dehumidifier under the home to regulate the air. 

Once the project was complete, Elisabeth was filled with gratitude! Her home was secured and protected by permanent home solutions all thanks to Dry Pro!

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