Bowed Wall Repair in Lenoir, North Carolina

Bowed Wall Repair in Lenoir, North Carolina. A Crawl Spaces Case Study from Dry Pro Foundation and Crawl Space Specialists



Justin owns an older property with his wife, Diane, and noticed that the floors in their home were sagging and separating from the walls. Concerned, the couple began to research companies that may specialize in structural repair located in or around Lenoir, North Carolina, and came across our web page that featured our free inspection form. They were very pleased with our online reviews and did not hesitate to inquire our services! 

Our Appointment Center scheduled Justin and Diane with our team expert, Daniel, to perform a thorough inspection on the home’s condition. Not only did Daniel discover that the property’s crawlspace suffered from extreme wood rot and mold debris, but he also found that the walls were bowing, and from the outside of the home, the foundation of the exterior bricks were cracking. Daniel discussed his findings with the couple and designed a floor plan that would save their home and satisfy their needs.


Justin and Diane kindly accepted to move forward in the repair process with us! Our Dry Pro Crews came to the property and began the job by remediating any mold growth found in the crawl space. Then, our wood experts dug and installed a total of 17 IntelliJacks™ and applied 32ft Steel Beams for lift and stabilization. Once the repairs were complete Justin and Diane’s property were strongly supported by our high-quality, patented products that would provide a secured peace of mind. 


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