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4 Steps to a Perfect Crawl Space

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Having a perfect crawlspace will save your family money in energy bills. It will also stop mold, spores, and dust mites from forming in your home. Achieving the perfect crawlspace is just a simple four-step process.

1. Fixing the Ground Water Leakage
If your dirt crawl space leaks when it rains, then you will need to install a SafeDri™ Sump pump in the lowest area of the crawlspace. Taking care of a ground water leakage must be done before any of the other repairs can be made.

2. Isolate the House From the Earth
This is the key to achieving the perfect crawl space. Isolating the house from the earth will stop water from flowing up from the soil and off the crawlspace walls. It will also allow water to drain from the floor and walls to a sump location. You can do this by having CrawlSeal™ Encapsulation installed.

3. Seal Out Outside Air
Once your house is isolated from the earth, you don’t have to worry about moisture in the crawl space. Because of this, there is no need for vents in the crawl space. They will only allow outside air in making it harder to heat and cool your home. Dry Pro can provide you with plastic crawl space vent covers that will provide you with an airtight seal. We can also provide you with a plastic crawlspace door, that will seal the crawl space without rotting over time like most wood doors.

4. Keep your Crawl space Air Dry
After the crawl space liner is installed and the vents are sealed, your crawlspace will begin to dry out. This last step is the cherry on top of the cake- Dehumidification. Having a dehumidifier installed like one from our Dry Pro line will prevent mold, dust mites, and insects from living in the crawlspace.

Contact Dry Pro to help you achieve the perfect crawlspace. The repairs will pose minimal disruption to your home. 

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