Sunken Driveway After Repaired Water Leak in Charlotte, NC

Sunken Driveway After Repaired Water Leak in Charlotte, NC. A Concrete Leveling Case Study from Dry Pro Foundation and Crawl Space Specialists



Jennifer, a homeowner in Charlotte, NC, recently repaired a water leak located under her driveway. After the repair, she noticed that her driveway had begun to sink significantly. The homeowner was extremely concerned that her driveway could cause damage to her tires and possibly develop tripping hazards. 

Jennifer’s sunken driveway before PolyRenewal ™ injections.


Jennifer came across Dry Pro and requested a free inspection with our design specialist, Branden. Once Branden arrived at the home, he thoroughly inspected Jennifer’s driveway. He outlined a proposal that would permanently lift and level the concrete of the driveway, and also seal the cracks. Jennifer agreed to move along in Dry Pro’s repair process and prepared for our concrete expert, Deon, to arrive! 

When Deon arrived at the home, he resurfaced the entire driveway by lifting three sections with PolyRenewal™ injections and sealing all the joints. Jennifer was extremely pleased with her new driveway once the project was complete. She could now be at peace knowing that her driveway was permanently stabilized. 

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