Sunken Concrete Slabs Near Pool in Monroe, NC

Sunken Concrete Slabs Near Pool in Monroe, NC. A Concrete Repair Case Study from Dry Pro Foundation and Crawl Space Specialists



Clifford, a homeowner in Monroe, NC, noticed that his pool deck had developed sunken concrete slabs and became worried about how unsafe it could be if he didn’t get it fixed.


Luckily, he received Dry Pro’s ad in the mail listing all the services we provided. Clifford contacted Dry Pro and was scheduled a free inspection with our design specialist, James, to thoroughly examine the pool area and outline a proposal that would save his home! When James arrived at the home, he explained to Clifford that his pool deck had many tripping hazards and Dry Pro could fix the problem in no time! James suggested our concrete protection system to Clifford and with readiness, he moved forward in the repair process.

Our concrete expert, Deon, arrived at the home and injected PolyRenewalâ„¢ beneath six main concrete slabs around the pool. Then, he sealed all joints and cracks with sealant. Once the job was complete, Clifford was extremely pleased with his new pool deck.

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