Slab Foundation Repair in Harrisburg, NC

Slab Foundation Repair in Harrisburg, NC. A Concrete Leveling Case Study from Dry Pro Foundation and Crawl Space Specialists



Ken in Harrisburg, NC was concerned with his slab foundation after noticing cracks in his sheet rock. He called another company to get an estimate on the repair. They told him that the only way they could fix the foundation was by installing piers and that would cost around $20,000. Trying to find a more affordable solution Ken kept searching. He eventually came upon Dry Pro and our PolyRenewal™ service in his research. Our System Design Specialist went out to visit with Ken and talked to him about the repairs that would need to be done to his slab foundation. After our Design Specialist addressed a few concerns Ken had about drilling into the floor, Ken gave Dry Pro the go ahead to improve his home. 


Our PolyLevel crew was able to lift and stabilize the home’s slab foundation that had settled a quarter of an inch. Stabilizing the foundation, improved the cracks in the sheet rock in the upper level of the home. 

Most of the lower level of the home was hardwood and Ken did not mind the crew drilling through the hardwood to get to the slab foundation. However, he didn’t want the crew drilling through the new tile in his bathroom. Since the bathroom was small enough our crew was able to angle the injection ports from the joining rooms to stabilize the bathroom floor.   

Ken was very happy with our crew’s work and our PolyRenewal™ service. He was mostly happy that he was able to find an affordable solution for his home’s repair. 

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