Repairing Trip Hazards in Charlotte, NC

Repairing Trip Hazards in Charlotte, NC. A Concrete Leveling Case Study from Dry Pro Foundation and Crawl Space Specialists



A customer in Charlotte, NC was preparing to sell his home and was interested in repairing trip hazards in his concrete driveway and walkway. He received quotes from many companies but decided to go with Dry Pro. He liked that our PolyRenewal service was more affordable than ripping out and replacing the concrete like other companies would do. 

When our System Design Specialist inspected the property, he noticed two river birch trees next to the driveway. He said the roots of these trees were what caused the driveway to buckle and crack.


Our PolyRenewalâ„¢ crew went out to lift and level the driveway and walkway. When the crew arrived, they first walked the property with the customer and listened to his concerns. They had to pay attention to the garage area to make sure they left a little slope so that water would flow away from the garage door.  

They started the job by saw cutting a few cracks to help free the slabs. Next, they injected PolyRenewalâ„¢ and lifted the driveway. After they lifted and stabilized the walkway removing tripping hazards. 

The customer was very happy with our crew and the work they did. 

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