Interior Concrete Repair in Rock Hill, SC

Interior Concrete Repair in Rock Hill, SC. A Concrete Leveling Case Study from Dry Pro Foundation and Crawl Space Specialists



Richard, a homeowner in Rock Hill, SC had observed the interior slab of his home for quite a while and noticed that the structural damage had worsened over the years. The concrete revealed a crack that ran across the middle of Richard’s home. The visual effects caused him to locate professional experts who specialized in concrete repair near Rock Hill, SC. After much research, Richard discovered our free estimate form on the Dry Pro website and called to set up an appointment. 


Once Richard was set up with one of our Design Specialists, Walter, he was in great hands. Walter arrived at the property and confirmed that there were settlement issues in the kitchen area, which ran a deep, thick crack across the home. He then proposed that our experts would do their best to level and flatten out the concrete damage by installing mechanical support for the concrete. In effect, all of Richard’s flooring and furniture were required to be removed to get the job done. Our concrete repair expert, Deon, then installed a concrete protection system that included PolyRenewal to help bolster up the home’s concrete permanently. 

As a result, Richard was extremely satisfied with Dry Pro’s concrete leveling method. Walter and Deon restructured the concrete damage and applied support that will give Richard a peace of mind. 

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