Eroded Pool Patio in York, South Carolina

Eroded Pool Patio in York, South Carolina. A Concrete Repair Case Study from Dry Pro Foundation and Crawl Space Specialists



Gary owns a home in York, South Carolina and noticed that the concrete of his pool’s patio had eroded. To prevent further damage, he decided to have a retaining wall built but also thought to locate experience contractors near or around South Carolina that specialize in concrete repair.


Gary came across Dry Pro’s online free inspection form and was scheduled an appointment with our design specialist, Tommy. Once Tommy arrived at the home, he explained to the homeowner that his patio needed to be lifted with PolyRenewal™ injections. He also suggested a sealant for a large crack that was formed due to the sunken area. Gary was pleased with Dry Pro’s proposal and decided to move forward in our repair process.

Our concrete experts, Cody and Mikey, came to the home and injected 60 pounds of PolyRenewal™ beneath the designated areas of the patio. Successfully, Dry Pro stabilized and sealed the patio of the pool. Gary was very happy with the completed project and could not wait for the summer to arrive!

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