Construction Plant Concrete Repair in Granite Falls, NC

Construction Plant Gets Concrete Repair in Granite Falls, North Carolina. A Concrete Leveling Case Study from Dry Pro Foundation and Crawl Space Specialists



Stacy an engineer for a construction plant in Granite Falls, NC, noticed that the concrete of the building was beginning to sink about 3-4 inches. He was concerned that the damage would cause trip hazards for the company and searched for contractors who specialized in concrete repair. Stacy came across Dry Pro’s and inquired our services. 

Dan, our Design Specialist, was scheduled to visit the property and inspect the damages. Once he completed a thorough inspection, Dan discussed his findings with Stacy. He explained that the property suffered from several areas throughout the plant and needed to be lifted as soon as possible to avoid further sinking. He ensured Stacy that Dry Pro could get the job done and resolve all of his concerns! Stacy agreed to move forward in the repair process and scheduled his next appointment with our concrete experts. 


Our concrete experts, Cody and Mikey, arrived at the plant and lifted three areas with PolyRenewal™, a secure concrete protection system. Stacy was stoked with the results and couldn’t be any happier to choose Dry Pro. Stacy was now at peace knowing that the building was no longer hazardous to it’s workers! 

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