Concrete Walkway Repaired in Charlotte, NC

Concrete Walkway Repaired in Charlotte, NC. A Concrete Leveling Case Study from Dry Pro Foundation and Crawl Space Specialists



A Senior Living Community in Charlotte, NC contacted Dry Pro about repairing the settled concrete around the facility. Water was also pooling around the lower sections of the slab. The settlement was posing as a major trip hazard for the residents, so the facility was looking to find a solution as soon as possible. 


PolyRenewal™ Superintendent, Wes, walked the property with the facility manager and went over all of the areas we could repair. After the walkthrough, the PolyRenewal™ Crew went out to repair two sections of the walkway. The first section they repaired was caused by an initial crack that caused settlement over time. The second section was caused by rutted down tree roots. Our crew was able to lift both sections of the sidewalk. They also sealed the cracks and joints in the concrete. 

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