Concrete Stabilization in Mooresville, NC

Concrete Stabilization in Mooresville, NC. A Concrete Leveling Case Study from Dry Pro Foundation and Crawl Space Specialists



A homeowner in Mooresville, NC, noticed that the sidewalk in front of his home had begun to erode. He also noticed that the concrete slabs of his driveway and pool had sunken. He feared that most of the damage would eventually form tripping hazards and harm his family.


Michael searched online for contractors near Mooresville, NC and came across Dry Pro’s free inspection form online. Dry Pro identified the problem and outlined a resolution that would meet his needs. Our concrete experts arrived at the home and stabilized the sidewalk, driveway, and pool deck with our PolyRenewal™ system! They injected PolyRenewal™ beneath the surface of each sunken slab which instantly lifted each slab back to its original position. 

Once the job was complete, Michael was overjoyed with the results! He could now be at peace knowing that his concrete will no longer sink nor affect his family’s safety. 

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