Concrete Repair on Screened in Porch in Charlotte, NC

Concrete Repair on Screened in Porch in Charlotte, NC. A Case Study from Dry Pro Foundation and Crawl Space Specialists



John, a homeowner and engineer, contacted Dry Pro after he researched several concrete solutions to lift his rear walkway and fill the voids under the concrete slab below his rear screened in porch. He trusted Dry Pro to get the job done and requested a free consultation with our design specialist, Dan. 


Concrete specialists at Dry Pro lifted and leveled the rear walkway with PolyRenewal™ injections and repaired 52 inches of cracks and sealed 44 inches of expanded joints. Then, our specialists assisted the concrete slab located under the screened in porch. First, they carefully injected PolyRenewal™ underneath the entire slab without any cause of interference between the slab and the screen. Dry Pro cut/cleaned away excess foam and successfully stabilized each desired area to John’s expectations. 

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