Concrete Repair on Front Porch in Monroe, NC

Concrete Repair on Front Porch in Monroe, NC. A Foundation Repair Case Study from Dry Pro Foundation and Crawl Space Specialists



The concrete of Carol’s front porch had settled on one corner and caused the entire porch to become un-leveled. Over time, the inexact condition of the porch began to split the structure of its bricks, which also caused one corner of the porch to sink and affect the balance of its railing.

Located in Monroe, NC, the homeowner was eager to find concrete experts to resolve this issue. Luckily, Carol came across an ad on television that referred Dry Pro and its services. Without hesitation, she contacted Dry Pro and inquired a quote for her front porch.


James, our design specialist, arrived at the home to perform a free inspection on Carol’s porch. He identified the condition of the porch and agreed that it was unleveled and needed to be lifted to resolve its entirety. He then displayed an outline that would save Carol’s porch permanently. Carol was thrilled with Jame’s proposal and agreed to move along in Dry Pro’s repair process.

Lastly, the most well built products, PolyRenewalâ„¢ and sealant, was suggested by Dry Pro to secure the condition of Carol’s front porch. Our crew experts were confident that the indicated products would prevent any further concrete damages.

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