Basement Moisture Control in Linwood, NC

Basement Moisture Control in Linwood, NC. A Waterproofing Case Study from Dry Pro Foundation and Crawl Space Specialists



Steven, a realtor in Linwood, NC was searching online for someone who could resolve the moisture problems in a house he had on the market. During his search, he found Dry Pro and decided to give us a call. Our System Design Specialist, Kelley, went out to inspect the property and walk him through our repair process. 

During Kelley’s inspection, he found very high moisture levels in the basement. He also noted that there was a discoloration on the brick walls that was caused by water intruding into the basement. Kelley designed a system to control the moisture in the basement. Once Steve agreed to Kelley’s proposal, the Dry Pro crew started on the repair. 


Adam and the waterproofing crew started the project by installing 14ft of BasementGutter™ and WallSeal™ along the wall that was experiencing the most water intrusion. They also installed a SafeDri™ Sump Pump with drain system, an exit line and bubble pot.  

The WallSeal™ barrier seals out any outside water or air from the crawlspace. BasementGutter™ is an almost invisible product that captures water and floor seepage before it enters the crawlspace floor. The SafeDri™ sump pump automatically pumps and channels water away from the foundation. The combination of these three products will eliminate any water from entering or standing in the basement. 

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