3 Important Steps to Take After Severe Weather Hits Your Home

Dry Pro shares 3 important steps you should take for your home after severe weather hits. If you have water in your Crawl Space after Florence, please call us for a free inspection today.


Now that Florence has passed the Carolina’s; there are steps every homeowner should take post-storm to ensure the protection of his or her home:

The picture shows a town flooded after a hurricane hits.
  1. Whether or not you experienced a power outage during the storm, you should make sure to check your breakers. There could have been a surge or our waterproofing system could have been overworked, which can cause the system to kick the breaker. We would recommend checking on this now rather than waiting until the next severe storm.
  2. Please make sure to inspect your crawlspace or basement. Even if your sump pump’s alarm did not go off, it is still beneficial to check your crawlspace or basement for any standing water just in case.
  3. Please check for large cracks and or fractures in your foundation outside. Water seepage from heavy rain and flooding can cause the foundation to expand and crack, which can negatively impact the overall structure of your home.

Don’t wait until the next storm hits – if you find moisture, water and or cracks in your foundation, contact the experts at Dry Pro today for a free inspection at 1-704-523-9111 or online here. Dry Pro services the Boiling Springs, NC area and its surrounding cities.

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