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Foundation Repair Case Studies: Wall Anchoring System in Newton, NC

Monday, October 17th, 2016 by Bradley Tipton


Walls that are cracked, bowed, leaning or pushing inward, are signs of a foundation problem that needs to be addressed right away. Many property owners are relieved to discover that Dry Pro's, engineered wall support systems can stabilize their failing foundation walls at a fraction of the cost of many other options.

While there are a number of potential causes, the most common is pressure from the soil from outside of the home sitting on the foundation walls. When clay soils get wet, they expand and put pressure on the wall. When the force exceeds the strength of the wall, the wall cracks and breaks.


The Dry Pro's Wall Anchor System, uses durable galvanized steel wall plates and earth anchors, sometimes called screw anchors, that are connected by a high-strength steel rod to permanently stabilize basement or foundation walls. The anchor system stabilizes the foundation wall and also offers an opportunity to straighten it over time, restoring structural integrity to a home.

Installation of a Wall Anchor System requires minimal disruption to landscaping and can be installed to avoid patios, decks, and sidewalks. Installations can be performed year round and are usually completed within one day.

Project Summary

Structural Engineer: Jon Vandergrift, PE