Case Studies

Foundation Repair Case Studies: Wet and Settling Foundation in Hickory, NC

Monday, November 27th, 2017 by Nicole Valardi


Jack contacted Dry Pro after noticing water intrusion and settlement in his home. System Design Specialist Kelley went out to inspect his property. During Kelley's initial inspection he saw evidence of water intrusion and mold remediation in the past. He also found that the non-load bearing piers and the load bearing footers were settling at different rates causing the home's floors to be unlevel.  

Kelley asked James, Dry Pro's Wood and Foundation Expert to take a look at the property and advise him on the best way to resolve the problem. James saw that all of the piers had a 2x8 squash block that needed to be changed. He also said that the worst areas in the home were along the center girders. 


With Jame's advice, Kelley sat down with Jack, the homeowner and walked him through the design and our repair process. After Jack agreed to Kelley's proposal our Wood Crew came in for the first phase of the project.  

The Crew leveled all the girders by adding and removing shim plates,  they flushed the tops of the joist at the girders, and they installed 16 SmartJacks and a W4 Steel Beam. Once the Wood Crew finished their repairs, the Waterproofing Crew came in for the project's second phase.

The crew installed 10mil CleanSpace Encapsulation, a Sedona Dehumidifier, Relative Humidity Monitor, a SuperSump Pump with Drain System and French Drains.  Jack was very pleased with both of our crews and the work performed on his home.