Case Studies

Foundation Repair Case Studies: SmartJack Installation in Albemarle, NC

Friday, September 8th, 2017 by Nicole Valardi


Jeff contacted Dry Pro concerned with the structural integrity of his newly purchased home. Jeff said the back left corner of the home had sunk about an inch and there were multiple cracks in the drywall. Walter with Dry Pro went out to evaluated the property. Walter found that there was no rim or band in the house.  He said the joists were tied directly to the brick foundation and the ends of the joists had rotted. This is what caused the floor to settle.  


Wood Repair Foreman Eddie and his crew installed a 13ft W4 Steel Beam in the crawlspace to pick up the floor in the back left corner of the home. They also installed two SmartJacks to support the floor system. When our crew left the site,  Jeff was very happy with his home and the work our crew performed. 

In the photo, you can see part of the W4 Steel Beam our crew installed as well as one of the SmartJacks.