Case Studies

Waterproofing Case Studies: Eliminating Crawlspace Flooding in Hickory, NC

Thursday, November 2nd, 2017 by Nicole Valardi


Sam contacted Dry Pro because of water flooding in her crawlspace. System Design Specialist Nick went out to inspect her property and design a solution to the problem. When Nick first went out he saw suspected that the foundation drains were backing up into the crawlspace causing the flooding. However, the crawlspace was filled with too much water to be able to inspect it fully, so he told Sam he would come back and finish the inspection once the crawlspace has dried out.  

Sam was very impressed by how thorough Nick wanted to be with his inspection since the other companies that came out immediately started quoting her for drain installations.  When Nick came back for the second inspection he was able to confirm that the water was coming from the existing foundation drain that's tied to the footer drain in the crawlspace. 


Once Sam agreed to Nick's proposal our crew came out and installed a partial french drain system to run along the front of the home. They installed a SuperSump pump and tied it into the existing footer drain. They replaced the old crawlspace liner with a 10mil vapor barrier and they capped the existing downspout extensions with two LawnScape outlets and two bubble pots.