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Job review from in Mount Holly, NC 28120 on 01/22/20

Overall Rating:

5  out of 5
Our Overall Service

15 years ago we used Morris Jenkins to upgrade and install a new HVAC system into our home. From our first call to final installation they proved themselves worthy of being the gold standard for us...that is until we met Dry Pro. From initial call to final installation we found Dry Pro to be the best company we have ever had work for us with anything. Your customer service even rivals Apple which I consider to be the best company for customer service.

Call Representative

Warm, friendly, kind, efficient, and knowledgeable were all noticeable throughout our process with you...but it began with the person on the other end of the phone line when we first called.

Sales Process

Like Morris Jenkins, your sales person and his presentation were spot on. However, the complications of explaining all that needed to be done, how it was to be done, and the cost were much more complex in nature. The good news was the sales rep using his knowledge and excellent technology was able to take us through our problems along with recommended suggestions. As a professional educator I was impressed with his ability to look at our basement and within an hour have a presentation with a firm quote of what needed to be done and our cost. Best sales presentation I have ever been a part of and there was no pressure from him for us to make our decision right away. He let his understanding of our problems, his company's expertise and products to do the sales work. He gave us a price knowing we would see others. His pricing did not waver...he gave his best price up front and that was that. He promised to be back in touch with us if he had not heard back within a week. What he did not know was when he walked out the door I told my wife we were looking no cancel the two other companies....we were going with Dry Pro. I explained my reasoning with my wife and she agreed. She called our Sales Rep the next day and we selected your company.

Our Installation Crew

While I enjoyed all of the people I met with your company, it was all these hard working professionals that made the greatest difference in your company. The pre-inspection guy found asbestos in our home and was greatly concerned about his workers being exposed to this. I told him we would have it removed BEFORE we let Dry Pro in...and that if we could not get it done before our install date, we would delay the project. Fortunately we found a great company to come in and totally remove all asbestos from our home the day before you came. This honesty from your company not only protected your workers, but also protected us. AND THEN THERE WERE AARON, ANDREW, AND WILL....The three hardest working, knowledgeable, polite men I have ever had work for me. These men do not even take a lunch break. They call before arrival and arrive on time. There is no messing around. I think Aaron was the lead guy and it was obvious he had the respect of the other two younger men. He cared for them and was more of a teacher than a boss to them. I hope these men are well compensated as their work is extremely hard and does not allow short cuts. Aaron (again I hope I have the lead name correct) is absolutely the best lead guy on a project I have ever seen...and I have seen many. At the end of the first day my basement looked like a disaster area and I thought that there was no way they could complete this project in three days. My wife says I am thee hardest worker she has ever met and that I can do more than 5 men...well folks...these three men proved to me that am not fact I confess I have met my match with these three. Never underestimate The work ethic and knowledge of good men and women. This company comes across as even more than a team...more like a family of workers who care for each other as well as their customers. Three days later Cory come by and patiently waits for me to get home. He tests our system and explains to us how everything works and the advantage have having Dry Pro come in once each year to service our systems. He patiently answered all my questions. He invited me to come and drop in and visit Dry Pro anytime....he reminded me that I was now a part of the Dry Pro Family. When Cory left, I knew I would be having Dry Pro in every year to take care of me.

The Cleanup Process

Clean up was massive and it rained every day. The result is I have still not been able to get all the mud stain out of my patio brick. This is the only place where I can offer any constructive criticism. I am sure in time it will wear away, if not I will get it pressure washed. Please do not in anyway let this reflect on the men who did my work. There was so much they had to clean up and they did their job to perfection. This is really more of a weather related issue. We were more than pleased with all other aspects of clean up.

What made you choose our company:

I have a neighbor who used two other companies come in and do basement water proofing and both failed. I was familiar with Dry Pro and had heard through the grapevine they knew what they were doing (like Morris Jenkins...not the cheapest....but the best at what they do). I suggested your company to them and they have had no water problems since your work. This was another point I made with my wife when I told her to Dry Pro to begin with. It is my firm belief that you are the best at what you do. I hope you ask me how things are a year from now. I am betting I am going to have a dry, clean, free of mold and odor basement. Many thanks to all at Dry Pro who helped us!