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Job review from in Mount Pleasant, NC 28124 on 12/12/16

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Absolutely the best experience with a home improvement services company that we have ever experienced. I am an Interior Designer and did Residential Ktichens and Baths, and the tradesmen and companies were not always what they claimed. Dry-Pro is every bit a professional, honest, and quality establishment. If possible, the only thing I would like to request is a quick phone call from someone to explain the dehumidifier and the sump-pump to me (how to maintain, and how does it operate?) Thank you!

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Sales Process

Paul Starr was an exceptional aspect of this business transaction, because he made it not feel like one. I am not going to lie, the price higher than we expected through our research, but after speaking with Paul, we learned that the VALUE was more than the price alone. Paul was able to explain every detail thruoughly, without any smoke and mirrors "salesy" tactics, or using lingo that confuses the buyer. Paul was great at communicating every aspect of the process, and his insight was appreciated.

Our Installation Crew

Corey and his crew did impeccable work. He communicated every step of the way, and made sure we were comfortable and understood. The workmanship is the best I have EVER seen, and I am an interior designer so I see A LOT! The guys had to miss the expected completion date, and as that normally would be a negative experience, its the professionalism in which they handled the extended work days needed, that made it into a positive. There are a lot of crews out there in all forms of home improvement, that don't take pride in what they do, but Corey and his crew are the exact opposite. They should rest well knowing they deliver on all of the promises from Dry-Pro and then some.

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I explained most of this in the above comments, but we were told by another tradesman (pest control) about the quality of work he has seen and how Dry-Pro is always the best.