Making it Right on Those Rare Occassions We Didn't Get it Right

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013 by David Smith

When I started with Dry Pro I felt as though I was in a utopia. The perfect company, perfect team with the perfect clients. As time went on I saw the very few challenges that arose from sales or production issues handled quickly and always to the customer's benefit. The culture of this company was very evident, we put the customer first. I was proud to be a part of a team that had such high values and integrity especially in today’s times where companies will sacrifice customer service to turn a profit. We have all experienced those situations where a product or service we have bought has failed or not lived up to our expectations. When we approach the company that sold us that product or service we are typically met with push back and told to read the fine print or "blown off" for days, weeks, or months in hopes that the problem will go away.

One day the owner, Ron Weatherly and I were talking about a new process our sales team would need to follow. I could tell Ron was very sensative to the discussion we were having due to the fact that he confirmed with me several times what needed to happen on each and every sale. I asked Ron why this small detail was so important to him and the company. Ron's reply was that it had cost the company several thousands of dollars on just one customer. He shared the specifics with me and being the very analytical and inquisitive person that I am, I decided to drill down into this one situation. What I found was that this situation was covered in our "fine print" but Ron decided to take the high road and provide excellent customer service because it was the right thing to do. When I asked Ron what made him decide to take this course of action he presented me with the below letter from the customer. He told me that even though he could have argued and fought at the end of the day he wouldn't have felt good not satisfying the customer, learning from the situation and moving on to more profitable actions. I learned a great deal that day. I learned that a nice letter and a satisfied customer that has confidence in our company's character was worth much more than a few thousand dollars.


Dear Ron,

I write to thank you for the professional way you handled the issues that arose during the sale of our home on ****** Rd.  You had installed an encapsulated system for our crawl space that solved all our issues of dampness and floor swelling.  Years later, when we were ready to move, we discovered that there had been a snafu during the installation.  The furnaces had not been brought up to code during installation and inspection now revealed that as a problem which would prevent the sale from going through.  You realized how the error had occurred and that there were no other solutions available that would satisfy the buyer.  We are grateful to you for paying for the replacement of two of the three furnaces so that the sale could proceed.  Your action maintained our faith in your company.  We will continue to recommend this solution and your professional way of operating.

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