The Stack Effect in Your Home

Tuesday, September 19th, 2017 by Nicole Valardi

The Stack Effect in Your Home - Image 1 We all know that heat rises. The same is true in your home.

As warm air rises, it escapes out of the attic and upper levels of your home. Once that air escapes, new air must come in to replace it. This creates a suction at the lower level of your home to draw in replacement air. Outside air is then pulled into your crawlspace and the air in your crawlspace moves up into your home. Experts call this airflow from the bottom to the top of your home the
'Stack Effect'.

In older homes, this air exchange can happen as much as two times per hour. As you can imagine, heating and cooling this new air twice an hour can be pretty costly.
Not only is the exchange of air costing you money, but it could also be costing you your health. Building Scientists say that up to 50%of the air you breathe on the first floor of your home is from your crawlspace. So whatever is in your crawlspace (dust, mold, odors) is affecting you.  

 Stop the Stack Effect in your home by sealing and encapsulating your crawlspace. Contact Dry Pro for a free crawlspace evaluation. 

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