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Dry Pro Foundation and Crawlspace Specialists Before & After Photos

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CleanSpace Vapor Barrier Installed in Linwood, NC

Before Dry Pro visited Gayle in Linwood, NC, her basement was full of moisture, water, and mold. Our crew did a full mold wipedown, installed CleanSpace Starter System, a Relative Humidity Monitor and a SaniDry Dehumidifier.  After the repairs, Gayle said she was very satisfied with the Dry Pro Crew and the waterproofing we did in her basement.

CleanSpace System installed in Woodleaf, NC

Mold kept reoccurring on the floor joists in Samual's crawlspace. No matter how many times he cleaned it off it still kept coming back. He also always had condensation on his air ducts in the summer. Ready for a permanent solution, Samual called Dry Pro. Crew members Adan and Chino installed CleanSpace starter system, a relative humidity monitor, a Sani-Dry dehumidifier and a condensate pump. The combination of these products will control the moisture in the crawlspace preventing mold from forming in the future. 

Structural Repair and Dehumidification in Woodleaf, NC

Kevin his wife contacted Dry Pro concerned with the sagging floors in their home. They were also interested in having their crawlspace encapsulated. David with Dry Pro went to inspect their property. During Davids inspection, he noticed several areas where the home needed extra support he also saw high humidity levels and the need for a dehumidification system. Once Kevin and his wife decided to use Dry Pro for their repair, our Wood Crew installed 5 SmartJacks and 20ft of Steel Beam in the crawlspace. Once they finished the Dry Pro Waterproofing Crew installed 20mil CleanSpace Encapsulation with SilverGlo Walls, a SaniDry CX  Gen 2 Dehumidifier with Exhaust Kit, Condensate Pump, and Relative Humidity Monitor. 

Crawl Space Drainage System Installed in Salisbury, NC

Sophia believed she had mold in her crawlspace. She did not know what else is down in her crawl and wanted an inspection.

One of our specialists went out to Sophia's house to perform the inspection. He found standing water, high humidity, and mold growth.

The production team did a full mold remediation, installed a pipe and gravel drainage system, a dehumidifier, and did a clean space encapsulation.

Sophia said her crawlspace looked great.

Waterproofing and Insulating a Crawl Space in Salisbury, NC

This homeowner in Salisbury, NC had standing water in parts of the crawl space and mold on the floor joists.  The customer also had cold floors in the winter. After a free inspection by Dry-Pro, the homeowner elected to have mold remediation, a drain system to control ground water, and an encapsulation system with insulation on the walls.  DryPro crews repaired one area of the floor, and installed our Cleanspace encapsulation system with SilverGlo insulation so that the homeowner has a clean, stable, and dry crawl space.

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