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Dry Pro Foundation and Crawlspace Specialists Before & After Photos

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Crawlspace Vapor Barrier in Lynn, NC

Vapor barriers collect and hold moisture from damaging your home and crawlspace. Have the experts at Dry-Pro come and take a look at your crawlspace or basement.

Basement Waterproofing in Morganton, NC

Jeff and his family were having problems with water intrusion and a musty smell coming from their basement. They called Dry Pro to get a quote on waterproofing their basement. David with Dry Pro inspected their property and recommended a waterproofing system that would fit all of their needs. After, Jeff agreed to go with Dry Pro for the repairs, our waterproofing crew installed a Dry Track around the perimeter of the basement, and a SuperSump Pump with Exit Line. 

Chimney Foundation Support in Mooresboro, NC

This chimney's foundation support started settling, causing cracks and seperation from the home. Dry Pro installed helical piers to support the chimney and prevent future damage.

Settling Porch Stoop in Ellenboro, NC

Mr David called with a porch stoop settling and it was getting worse with time.  He also had his sidewalk settling at the bottom step causing a trip hazard.  Dry Pro Foundation and Crawlspace Specialists took a look at his problem and presented a solution for polylevel injection under the slab to create lift.  Mr David and his wife were thrilled with how the stoop leveled out and the appearance of their porch.  Mr David has another project in mind for the near future. Sooner than later if his wife can help it.

Installing Mini Dehumidifier in Drexel, NC

A homeowner in Drexel, NC, called Dry Pro because he was having mold issues in his small crawlspace. After the Dry Pro team did a thorough inspection of his home, we installed a CleanSpace Encapsulation System that included a CleanSpace liner to prevent moisture from passing through the walls. Also, the team added a mini dehumidifier that would fit in the homeowner's smaller crawlspace and still control the humidity level in the crawlspace. 

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